Manaar Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Sunday, 21 Jan 2018


MEPL is a leading importer and source for Polymers,Speciality chemicals & Basic chemicals for diverse applications for the chemical industry,MEPL is exporting Pharmaceutical formulations and Industrial chemicals ,we have firm tie ups with manufacturers and end users to meet their chemical requirements consistently.It is With years of experience and sourcing expertise spanning many sectors of the chemical industry, MEPL has been at the forefront of offering innovative solutions to customers. MEPL has a strong foothold in the discerning global markets which results not only from an expanded sales presence but also from deep sense of commitment to our customer's success including world class levels for safety, health and environment.

Cure & Secure

These are twin philosophies that define our business. We are in the business of manufacturing high quality generics and formulations in state-ofthe- art, WHO/GMP certified plants and exporting them to discerning importers and distributors all over the world.

While our formulations and generics adhere to the highest quality guidelines and requirements, our relationships are based on building security and reliability in supply, service and customer focus. We forge firm and lasting relations based on mutual growth.

Growing with our customers

The company began as a family run business in the year 1999, and over the past decade plus we have emerged as a professionally managed, reliable supplier of quality generics and formulations that are based on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

We believe in having and maintaining a comfort factor in our relationships with our customers by delivering the quality generics and formulations that clients demand within accepted timeframes and service backing.

Our presence in different geographies helps us understand client requirements and our team is ever eager to ensure customer delight. We operate on the basis that our growth is predicated on the growth of our clients.

Established manufacturing bases

Our modern and state of the art production facilities are located in the highly industrialised states of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and are well connected to logistics hubs and ports for easy transport to our global markets. The dosage forms that we offer include tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups and ointments for various applications.

Therapeutic categories for which we offer cures include Analgesic, Anti Malarial, Haemostatic, Antibiotics, Hormonal, Antiemetic, Gastrointestinal, Multivitamins, Anti Migraines, Steroids, and Vasodilators etc.

Offering Cures that are contemporary and affordable

One of the cornerstones of our belief system is to offer our clients and markets with the latest remedies at affordable prices, so that the cures can be accessed by every afflicted individual. To this end we engineer our manufacturing, transportation and logistics to derive maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on either quality or timely deliveries.

Our formulation development team and regulatory affairs department are focused on bringing the latest generics into the market thereby increasing the patient affordability and clinical efficacy.

We secure our partnerships on the basis of four fundamental parameters

Safety, Clinical Efficacy, Affordability, & Reliability.

Clinical Safety

We take utmost care to ensure the safety of the generics and formulations that we deliver. Our manufacturing is supervised by our own Quality Control team that inspects the process and the reactions at every juncture from the procurement of the raw materials to the semi finished and finished goods stage. We pack our generics and formulations as mandated by globally benchmarked standards to ensure that the drug reaches the consumer in a pure and uncontaminated manner.

We ensure that the packaging for transport is up to the mark so that there is no damage to the goods enroute.

Clinical Efficacy

We manufacture generics and formulations that are identical or within an acceptable bioequivalent range to the brand-name counterpart with respect to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. This ensures that the products that we offer are tried, tested and proven to be clinically effective and safe.


We leverage India's proven ability to mass manufacture pharmaceutical generics and formulations at globally competitive rates with quality that can be benchmarked with the world's best. India has a large pool of scientific talent, some of the best WHO/GMP certified manufacturing facilities in the developing world, and the ability to manufacture generics and formulations at a fraction of the cost it would entail in developed countries. We use this ability to manufacture and market affordable cures to the world.

Reliability – the security within the relationship

We have proved over the years to be a reliable supplier of pharmaceutical formulations and generics. We base our reliability on our scalable manufacturing capabilities, our robust infrastructure, excellent logistics capabilities and well oiled machinery that delivers to purpose on time, every time.

Some of the Product portfolio encompassed by MEPL are:

Pharmaceutical formulations PVC Resin Speciality Chemicals
Acetic Acid Tablets Capsules
Syrups Dry syrups Injections & Intravenous Infusions
Antibiotics Analgesics Anti malarial
Hormones Antacids Vitamins
Anti ulcerative Anti Allergic Anti inflammatory
Haematinics Anti Diabetic Antimetic